Mental Health Training Centre-Mazar

The Mental Health Training Centre Mazar (MHTC-M) was established in 2013.  The purpose of the MHTC-M in the Northern Region of Afghanistan is to raise awareness in the community about mental health so as to remove stigmas, promote healthy behaviour towards and acceptance of the mentally ill, and to introduce effective evidence based ways of promoting good mental health into the education system.

 The MHTC-M also aims to train professionals working in the field of mental health according to evidence based treatment standards.

 In 2013 the MHTC-M:

  • Conducted a four day Foundational Counselling Skills workshop
  •  Conducted four day Mental Health Awareness workshops for members of the Police force, Mullahs and Teachers.  In these workshops, participants are exposed to the following topics – “What is Mental Health”, “Anxiety”, “Depression”, “Stress”, “Psychosis”, “Violence”, “Addiction”, “Mental Retardation” and “Epilepsy”. 

        55 male and 10 female members of the Police force were trained.

        60 Mullahs were trained.

        11 male and 13 female teachers were trained.

  • Provided the technical support for a World Mental Health Day Ceremony in Mazar.  This was a great advocacy event in which attendees heard speeches about mental health – based on the 2013 theme “Mental Health and the Elderly”.  A local theatre group presented a wonderful drama emphasising that help for Mental illness is available – irrespective of the age of the person who is exhibiting symptoms.